Fixing up ofpwgen

This code started from a project about securing openfirmware from the University of Michigan's Macintosh Special Interest Group.

The main change that i made to ofpwgen was to get it to handle unusual characters (like ø) correctly. i also made several minor cosmetic changes and cleanup, enabling it to compile with no warnings under gcc -Wall --pedantic. I have no idea how relevant my changes to support high-ASCII characters are, because i don't know whether the interactions between openfirmware and the input device are capable of producing those high-ASCII characters. Try it at your own risk!

Here's an example of the different output produced by the original program and by my modified version:

[dkg@pinhead ofpwgen]$ ./ofpwgen-orig aaø
[dkg@pinhead ofpwgen]$ ./ofpwgen aaø
[dkg@pinhead ofpwgen]$ 

My simple modifications are freely available to anyone who wants them, for whatever purpose they'd like.

Daniel Kahn Gillmor
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