ttylog, a serial device logger

This is a simple project designed to control a serial port connected via null-modem cable to another computer's console.

The main features are:

ttylog depends on daemontools and socat for its operation.

It has been tested (so far) on debian GNU/Linux, sarge and etch.

Please read README.txt for more details.

Note! trouble! i've now realized that socat is not going to be suitable for this purpose, because it doesn't log traffic that is coming in over the serial device unless it is possible to write to the pty. If the pty is not opened by any process, socat will drop data from the serial line on the floor.

Instead, i'm in the process of working on my own specialized C program that will behave the way that i want it to (accepting all data, buffering it internally and logging it as it's read, and feeding it out cleanly when a connection is finally made).
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